How To Apply Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is type of adhesive coating that is durable and offers superb bonding strength than other ordinary adhesives. Epoxy coating is a material made from epoxy resin and used for protective purposes. Some of the qualities that make epoxy coating an outstanding edge over the others is the ability to resist chemical corrosion, U.V light, and heat. It also has suitable drying times, can bond with numerous substances and exhibits extreme toughness. Some of its applications include in building and construction industries, agriculture, and also electronics.

Epoxy has other abilities that make it the best to apply for your garage floor. It is easy to clean and scrap and is found in various colors to suit your taste. Garage floor covering Wayne, PA.  will transform your garage into a brightly colored workplace and offer convenient when cleaning the floor. Epoxy flooring Wayne, PA in the garage helps protect your floor against corrosive agents and oil leaks.

Applying an epoxy to your garage floor is a step by step process that follows recommended procedures.

Analyzing your Floor
This is very important step as it will determine if your floor needs epoxy coating or not. It also reveals whether your floor can support this type of covering. Moist floor indicate dampness in your floor and probably the epoxy flooring Wayne, PA won’t work for this type of floor. Previously painted floors should also thoroughly scrubbed. Newer slabs also require time to cure completely to ensure the coating will not be wasted.

Cleaning the Floor
Hardened surface debris should be removed to offer a smooth surface. Use detergents that remove oil and other stains to thoroughly clean the garage floor. This can be done using a stifle-bristle brush especially along the walls. Dirt removal should be followed with a vacuum cleaning exercise to remove all particles from the floor.

Engrave the Concrete with Acid
Acid-water solution should be used to engrave the floor and have the rough feeling that will make the coating bond perfectly well with the concrete. The floor should be left feeling like fine-grit sandpaper surface. You will need to leave the garage entrance open through the night to speed drying.

Patching the Cracks and First Epoxy Coat Application
Large holes and cracks should be filled using epoxy crack filler. Give the filler a couple of hours to dry and then apply the first epoxy coat. Using the correct compositions, mix the two epoxy components and stir evenly. Apply the right amount of epoxy to the garage floor and give it time to dry. Ensure children or animals do not come into the building.

Second Coating
Leaving the first coat to dry overnight is recommended. Apply the second coat and allow another day of drying before you can allow people to step on the floor. A week or less should give your floor the toughness required to allow vehicles to move in and you are done.

Doing the work of garage floor coatings Wayne, PA can also be facilitated by experts especially if you feel the work is risky due to acid and other substance handling. There are various experts you can hire to do your garage floor covering Wayne, PA.