Get the Look of Metal Floors Without Breaking the Bank

A picture of a room with sofas and two tables with metallic epoxy flooringYour concrete floors need protection. Choose floor coverings for concrete floors that have durability and an attractive finish from Floorguard®. We provide the metallic look you want with our high-quality epoxy coating. Floorguard® is a top-quality, durable, easy-to-clean flooring system that allows for high traffic areas to stay protected. Our floor coating company doesn’t only provide safe and attractive options, we are also affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to get the look you want for your home or commercial flooring project! In addition, opposed to other flooring types that need to be reapplied or replaced more frequently, epoxy floor coating seals to the concrete below it and resists damage, meaning it will last for many years.


When it comes to adding value to your home or business, Floorguard® is an optimal solution to guaranteeing safety, durability, and a unique aesthetic to your home. If you want a flooring solution that is maintenance-free and easy-to-clean, epoxy flooring is the way to go. We have several colors for the metallic look that is in high demand. Wondering which color of epoxy flooring will look best in your home or business? Our customer service team is here to help!