How to Maintain Industrial Epoxy Floors

Many facilities are undergoing resurfacing projects with epoxy flooring which are receiving that new surface because they are high traffic areas that withstand a lot of possible damage. These areas can be mechanic shops, hospitals, industrial plants, and more. To keep your floors looking the best they can, you must take good care of them.

So, what can you do to ensure your floors stays looking young? The first thing you can do is keep the floor clean. After a long day of work, it is important to sweep the floors. This will help to remove a good layer of dirt and debris. If mopping the floors is necessary as well, then always start by sweeping and finish with mopping. If chemicals or any other substances spill onto surface, clean it up as soon as possible. Make the sure area is cleansed well using the right type of cleaning products. If the spill is left for too long or if the wrong cleaning product is used, then the finish of your floor might alter. The floor could lose its shine or become dull looking.

If a large project that may cause damage is taking place on a portion of your floors, consider covering it with another material to prevent any type of permanent damage. This is also a good idea if your floors seem to be wearing down in one spot more so than in other spots. Two great options for floor coverings are rubber mats or even carpet runners. The only downside to these options is the fact that they will need to be replaced quite often if they stay in high traffic areas.

The third, and final, option is to treat your floors to a resurfacing project with epoxy. This is the easiest way to protect your floors. It will also cost the least money and save time later. Epoxy is strong enough to withstand almost anything you could throw at it, drop on it, spill on it, etc. Epoxy resists stains, abrasions, and cracks. It does all this after it is applied until it starts to deteriorate 20-25 years later.

Not only that, Epoxy also completely changes the look of your floors. It fills in cracks and holes. It can be built up until the floor is even too. Epoxy flooring of Wayne, PA is really the best flooring option out there. High traffic facilities have raved about how much they love their epoxy floors because they look the same as the first day they had them. It also takes little to no time to clean these floors, and their maintenance is almost non-existent which will save time and money later on down the road.