How to Seal Old Concrete

A picture of cracked unsealed gray concreteEpoxy coatings are an excellent way to seal old concrete.  Homeowners can count on the experts at Floorguard® to turn their concrete slab from drab to fab with high-quality epoxy concrete sealant and professional installation services. Coating or “sealing” concrete surfaces allows for increased longevity and protection. When it comes to sealing concrete, our process includes:

  • Removing all dirt, debris, and moisture from concrete.
  • Deep cleaning the surface.
  • Mopping and thoroughly drying the concrete.
  • Removing a thin layer of concrete using our ‘Shot Blast Machine’ to rid the floor of any contaminants that could interfere with your new floor coating.
  • Applying a ‘Bond Coat’, which penetrates deep into the concrete slab or floor, creating a secure bond designed to withstand the test of time.
  • Applying a heavy media blanket to excess into the Bond Coat creates a heavy-duty foundation for the final coating.
  • Finally, once the previous coating cures, we then apply our chemical and UV resistant topcoat and Encapsulation Coat.

Sealing old concrete is a job best performed by the experts so that you can have those beautiful epoxy floors you’ve always wanted. Additionally, sealed concrete enhances the appearance of the floor surface by making it lustrous and shiny by preserving the surface’s patterns, colors, and textures. Enjoy the beauty, safety, and smooth appearance of an epoxy flooring system installation from the professionals at Floorguard®.

When it comes to adding value to your home or business, Floorguard® is an optimal solution to guarantee safety, durability, and a unique aesthetic to your home. If you want a flooring solution that is maintenance-free and easy to clean, epoxy flooring is the way to go. Wondering which color epoxy flooring will look best in your home or business? Our customer service team is here to help! Reach out today to learn more about our products and installation services.