How We Prepare and Apply Epoxy to Your Garage Floor

White Interior Garage with Epoxy Floors | Floorguard.com
The professional technicians at Floorguard are experts when it comes to applying epoxy floors in garages all across America. Here is how we install the best garage floor epoxy:

Clean and Degrease the Floor – We need a clean, even surface to work on to ensure that the epoxy is even and flawless. We clean all debris from the floor and use a degreaser to prep the garage floor for application.

Prep the Concrete – To help the epoxy bond to the floor, we will then use a shot blast machine to remove the thin top layers of the substrate. This creates the most durable bond between the epoxy and the concrete because there are no contaminants to interfere with the coating. The epoxy penetrates deep into the concrete for a long-lasting, durable surface.

Apply the Bond Coat – Next, we apply the bond coat, which penetrates the concrete to create a strong foundation for the floor. Before the floor clears, we add media to the surface of the bond coat. This media is what gives your flooring its design.

Apply the Encapsulation Coat – Once the bond coat has cured, we apply a thick, UV and chemical-resistant topcoat, known as the encapsulation coat. This coat gives you a sturdy, long-lasting, beautifully finished garage floor.

When you need a high-quality epoxy floor for your garage, call (888) 694-2724 and find a Floorguard location near you.