If Your Garage Floor Needs To Be Epoxy Coated, Hire A Professional To Do It

Garage floor epoxy is a great investment to make for your home because of what it can do for you. If you’re tired of collecting dust on your garage floor, seeing items get dropped causing gouges in the cement, or even just want your garage floor to look nice and spiffy like the rest of your home, epoxy coatings can do that.

Usually, epoxy floor coatings come in two different looks as either a chipped finish, or a solid color finish. While applying epoxy to a garage floor may sound simple in theory, it takes a lot of precision work that a professional company is better suited to handle.

You should hire a professional company because first, they can get the job done much quicker than someone who has never installed epoxy floors before, and you want the job done quickly so you can put your vehicles and tools back in the garage sooner rather than later. Second, professional garage floor coatings Philadelphia PA installers use a higher grade of epoxy than the kind you would otherwise find in a store, and the results that come from a higher grade installation are noticeably different than a cheap epoxy. Third, the cost to hire a professional garage floor coating company is usually not as high as your friends or family probably told you it was.

So once you’ve hired your garage floor coating company, they will get to work on resurfacing your floors. On a side note, you should ask them beforehand whether or not they remove objects from your garage as a service prior to coating the floor, or if you need to do that. They start out by smoothing down your concrete floor, and then filling in cracks or gauges that have been left. Once the floor has been smoothed out they will apply the epoxy to your floor. They may or may not apply an epoxy primer depending on the climate you live in, the moisture levels or the kind of epoxy they use. The process could take multiple layers to give your floor a little extra protection and a better-looking finish.

Usually, the process will not take very long and could be anywhere from 12 to 24 hours before the epoxy coating dries, depending on your . But by picking a good professional company to do the job, you’re bound to have a garage that’s safe and free of rough patches when all is said and done.