Important Information about Garage Floor Epoxy

In case you want to give your garage a neat appearance, you better think of hiring a professional to apply the epoxy on your garage. Since the professional has the skills on how to do the job, safety and convenience is guaranteed. Garage floor epoxy can provide your concrete floors a neat and finished appearance.

Ahead of using epoxy floor coating on concrete, take into consideration that if the concrete is new, it will require strengthening for at least one month. It is also necessary for the concrete not to hold any moisture inside before coating the surface; this gives you the assurance that the epoxy will stick properly.

Tips for Maintaining your Epoxy Floor

The method of preparation and application of garage floor epoxy is the same as that of painting. On top of that treatment needed for the concrete products, the area must be made clean. It is particularly evident with new concrete that usually has a layer of dirt that must be removed. The area as well has to be free from wax, oil, grease or recently applied sealers having these substances.

There are three major forms of floor epoxy, every type of these epoxy systems are water-based, and do not produce much scent.

One-part system: Numerous companies now provide epoxies that are friendly to use, and which are ready for the application that do not require it to be mixed for them to be applied. Their result can be can be compared to that of a two-part system, making it more resistant to hot tire marks, gasoline dirt, elements, lubricant and oil.

Two part breathable epoxies: The majority of epoxies do not have the ability to defeat matters concerning moisture. However, the recent the two-part system can be ready for use after a short period after the curing process is finished.

Fast setting epoxies. Several epoxies need at least one day for them to be dry in between the cover and must be taken care of for some days before the surface is used. Newly established epoxies have the ability to dry in less than 30 minutes, and their cure done in one day.

When you hire a professional to apply an epoxy flooring, you are securing certain protections that would not be normally available for a do-it-yourself job. Damages to any of your property, for instance, might not be covered if you were to perform the job on your own. Because the epoxy flooring company is insured, any errors or damages will be covered by them. Even if a skilled DIY fanatic can do an installation of the epoxy floor, it is a task that can be accomplished faster cleanly by hired professional.