Installing Garage Cabinets – Chicago Homeowners’ Flood Preparation Project

Installing Garage Cabinets – Chicago Homeowners’ Flood Preparation Project

People wouldn’t have coined the term “garage sale” if they didn’t sell their usable discards in this part of the home. Now if they don’t get to sell all of it, the garage still poses as the best place to store the leftover items that will go to some charitable institutions, or to a junk yard. This is one reason why garage cabinets in Chicago homes are filled with an assortment of items; including those awaiting to be sold, disposed, donated, and eventually, thrown-away by whoever finds the time to clean-up the garage.

Under normal conditions, cleaning this part of the house takes time before the man or the lady of the house could muster the energy to do it. However, when flooding became a normal occurrence in some Chicago areas, using the garage as storage only added to a homeowner’s misery. Not unless, they were intuitive enough to put in place the off-floor type of cabinets.

Off-Floor Storage Solutions

It’s a great storage solution because it can maximize whatever available space there is in one’s garage, while leaving the floor clutter-free and readily accessible for easy cleaning. There’s no need to worry about the cabinet’s reliability, or proneness to sagging under the weight of a fully-loaded cabinet. Steel connectors ensure that the cabinets are secure and tightly-fastened to the wall, while steel reinforcements are in place to support the weight of the load. If the garage cabinet seems too small or too big, Chicago homeowners looking for the most flexible solution can simply adjust the size of the shelves to the desired height or width.

Some Chicago homeowners have had the unfortunate experience of cleaning closed storage cabinets filled with rodent and insect droppings. This of course created stains that produced an unpleasant smell, as well as posed as a health hazard. The off-floor garage cabinet series can be set-up as open shelves with or without back walls, which is ideal for those that have pest problems in their homes. If one prefers to keep the stored items out of sight but relatively safe from pest infestations, doors with full-width size can also be appended.

Loft Type Garage Cabinets
Now if one’s home has seen flooding that went beyond expected levels, this can make the homeowner unsure about the off-floor garage cabinet as the most appropriate solution to his storage problems. Actually, vendors of garage cabinets in Chicago have already taken such matters into consideration. There’s always the loft type garage cabinet, which are practically attached to the ceiling with steel connectors and guaranteed to hold as much as 300 pounds.

In fact, if flooding is that bad in one’s area, one can use these cabinets to store emergency supplies and equipment. The homeowner can simply ask the installation technician to arrange several pieces of loft cabinets into one big storage space, in a way that will allow him or her to store oversized equipment. Inasmuch as these garage cabinets maximize the garage space by being fastened or suspended on walls, Chicago homeowners should leave the installation job to the vendor’s well-trained garage cabinet technicians.