Is It Okay to Put a Fresh Epoxy Coat on Cured Epoxy?

Open Garage Door View with Epoxy Coated Garage FloorsInterested in using fresh epoxy for your flooring project? You may want to put on a few coats to get your desired flooring look. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to use more epoxy coating. Maybe you made a mistake during the first coat, or it dried with a few scratches on it. Either way, you may be wondering if it is okay to put a fresh epoxy coat on cured epoxy. The answer is yes, you can. You will want to refer to your specific bottle of epoxy to ensure you are following directions. For example, tabletop pours require thin coats. So, if you are going to do two coats, make sure they are thin.

To prepare for the second coat of cured epoxy, make sure there is no debris or fuzz on the surface you are re-coating. If there are divots in the cured epoxy, you will want to level these spots out with your new coat of epoxy and use a leveler to ensure a smooth surface. Then, you’ll begin sanding the cured epoxy coat. Again, read the directions on your epoxy bottle, and look for where it says how long your epoxy takes to become cured, so you don’t start your second coat too soon. After your second coat, you should be good to go! Remember, if you need garage guard epoxy – call Floorguard, and we’ll be there to assist with all of your epoxy needs!