Is It Time To Resurface Your Garage Floor?

A garage floor withstands the worst of the endless parade of vehicles, equipment, pets, and people that stomp over its surface for years. This constant abuse will eventually lead to a garage floor that is damaged, stained, worn, or ugly. However, it doesn’t have to remain in this condition. Garage floor resurfacing is a viable option for any homeowner seeking to renew their garage floor. The benefits of resurfacing a garage floor include:

Damage Repair

Garage floors take a lot of punishment resulting in nicks, dings, cracks, stains, and other unsightly blemishes. Resurfacing the floor evens out the imperfections, covers up and ugliness, and gives the floor a uniform level and appearance. Simply repairing damaged areas are just temporary patch jobs that will need to be redone periodically to maintain the repair. An epoxy coating is a one-time job that won’t require touch-ups.

Prevents Damage

An epoxy coating is resistant to water and does not stain. The coating will not absorb water from leaks or water being tracked into the garage. It is also impervious to extreme heat or cold, so there is no worry that hot tires or a drop in temperature will have a negative effect on the flooring. Damage resistance is an especially positive characteristic of epoxy, because it extends the life of the covering, looks good longer than a concrete floor, and will cost less in upkeep.


The resurfaced garage floor will last for years, looking new and unmarred with just basic maintenance. The flooring is designed not to show wear and, due to its resistance to damage, the coating will remain intact and unmarked.


These garage floors are easy to clean with a broom or a mop, depending on what needs to be cleaned. For serious accumulations of dirt or other materials or substances, a hose can be used to clear away the debris. Even notoriously difficult substances like oil will not stick to or stain the covering.


Little thought is usually put into the way a garage looks. It is simply a room to put things, especially things that are dirty. That way of thinking can be altered by an epoxy garage floor coating. Available in several varieties or colors and textures, the garage can become just as attractive as the rest of the house, but no less functional than its original capacity.


Repairing a damaged concrete garage floor can be expensive and there is no guarantee that an accident won’t occur to ruin the concrete as soon as the work is complete. An epoxy covering eliminates the worry of damage and will last for years. In addition, the cost is considerably less than other surfacing options or repair work. It is recommended that the services of a professional be employed to install the epoxy coating. Hiring a professional is more convenient and safer for the homeowner than doing the job themselves.