Is Your Garage Dusty and Dark?

Do Spiders Enjoy Your Garage More Than You Do?

The increase in appearance, cleaning ease, brightness and livable square footage makes installing a high grade epoxy garage floor a must-have. Whether you are building a home or your residence is established and the garage floor user-embellished with debris chips, cracks and multiple stains, don’t resign your garage to the category of a cast off space. By retaining a highly recommended garage floor resurfacing company you can turn your garage into one of the most serviceable rooms of your home for a fraction of what a complete renovation would cost for a typical bath or kitchen.

Adding Storage Built Ins Adds to Floor Space

Storage space can also be factored in by your garage flooring company so that either built in wall cabinetry or overhead storage spaces enable much more efficient use of the garage floor square footage. Select an installation company with local expertise and references, and settle in for an informative conference in Epoxy 101 to learn the grade, pattern, color and many other epoxy options a qualified installer is expert in providing. Describe to the flooring company your goal, favorite colors or finish patterns and the uses beyond parking vehicles you desire for the garage. Finish is important because it should withstand not only foot traffic and rolling equipment, but the daily abrasion of tires, and still looks brand new many years after installation and guaranteed to last even longer.

Three Important Ratings
When considering installation of epoxy flooring, three ratings are important:
• Adhesion
• Impact
• Abrasion

Abrasion Rating is Lifetime
Abrasion rating is based on the CS-17 Taber Abrasion test with 1000 gram load at 500 cycles which is the industry standard. The lower the mg loss number the better resistance epoxy has to losing shine or wearing off. A small difference here equates to a huge difference in life expectancy. Abrasion rating above 20 is not heavy duty and abrasion rating above 40 is not even worth putting on your floor.

Car Hobbyist? Work Out Gym?
Metallic Epoxy is the new decorative coating impressing homeowners. The process involves 100% epoxy resin mixed with metallic flake. Dynamic effects are created by using air movement to disperse the metallics throughout the floor. This creates a beautiful 3D effect matched by no other floor covering. There are also many patterns and unique color options from which to choose. Consult your installation company for additional ideas.

What Began With Mansions Has Spread to Neighborhoods
Installing granite-appearing flooring to garages and exercise rooms was first only for the high-ended builder or home owner. Today, residential homeowners are finding the attractive, low maintenance and high durability of quality epoxy flooring actually comprise a budget friendly cost effective option that keeps on giving. Recognition that your garage represents a large percent of your home structure can result in an epiphany regarding your use of it.