Is Your Garage Floor in Need of Repair?

Your garage is an integral part of your home where you store your cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, toys, sports equipment and many other things. Not all garages are build to last, however, and even the most structurally sound garages can be in need of repair at one point or another. What do you do when you notice cracks or missing concrete pieces?

Most of the time, it isn’t necessary to completely replace your garage floor when you see cracks, missing pieces of concrete slab, or chipped bits. Instead you can repair your garage floor, which helps you save money while still providing you with a garage floor that can withstand the day-to-day pressure from vehicles and storage boxes.

Evaluate Your Concrete
Is your concrete more than twenty or twenty-five years old? If you concrete has been around for twenty or twenty-five years then it may be time to completely replace the concrete. Is your concrete sinking further into the ground? If your concrete slab garage interior is sinking, then you need to replace the areas where the concrete is sinking. If you do not have these kinds of problems, repairing the concrete floor can be your best option.

Review Repair Options
As you look at different repair options for chipped, sinking, and cracked concrete flooring, you will find that two options are better than the others: garage floor resurfacing and epoxy garage floor coating or a combination of the two.

Garage Floor Resurfacing
Resurfacing a garage floor involves filling in deep holes within the concrete and filling in all of the cracks that appear. Using resurfacer, professionals can help restore the concrete flooring by creating a smooth, solid and strong floor. Resurfacing also increases the value of the home by ensuring that the holes and cracks in the concrete will not grow and damage the structural integrity of the garage or even the home.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Using epoxy as a garage floor coating is the best choice when it comes to sealing and protecting garage floors from damage whether that damage is environmental, pressure-based or wear-and-tear based. Epoxy is naturally durable and is much stronger than other coatings. Epoxy also is an excellent design choice because it can take a lackluster garage floor and add a shine to the floor. Epoxy can also come in various colors to help create a more stylish aesthetic in the garage, which is perfect for everyday decor and for using the garage as a place to host parties. The epoxy finish will dry hard and will protect your garage as well hide existing imperfections in the floor including small cracks. Combined with a complete resurfacing of the garage, your garage floor can look brand new.

Trust a Professional
It may be tempting to take on the garage floor as a do-it-yourself project but hiring a professional is often the best choice when it comes to safety and convenience. Epoxy is difficult to apply correctly and may dry incorrectly, which would result in jagged edges and raised bumps in the concrete. Using a professional can give you peace of mind that your garage floor is going to look great and be protected from future damage.