Is Your Garage Scary?

Imagine this…it’s Saturday morning. Your wife’s volunteering at the church’s annual yard sale and your son’s gone camping for the weekend. You hop in your Charger prepared to take it to the car wash, when you notice how cramped the garage feels. You take your hand back off of the ignition switch and peer around the area. Stacks of boxes and lawn equipment clutter the path to your car and there’s oil on the floor of other two garage bays. You just can’t bear parking under the present conditions anymore. You sort through items to separate what’s useful from what’s no longer wanted and you’ve determined that you’ll need some kind of system for storing small objects. It’s time for a change.

Shelving and plastic storage containers can be purchased at your local hardware store or discount multi-product selling retail store. Hanging shelves requires very little effort – after you’ve determined where you want them to go, use a level or ruler to mark a place on the wall of the garage, so that when you place them on the studs, your they’ll be balanced. Use a pencil to draw lines where you want to screw the anchors for your shelves, then you’re ready to hang them.

Now that you have storage, there’s still the matter of oily floors. For this you need a professional. No need to worry, hiring one of the companies who do garage floor coatings Wayne PA, can help. Getting the floor redone is the foundation for everything else and garage floor covering Wayne PA is a good place to start.

Epoxy flooring is a good solution for problems like leftover oil residue, grass smears and other stains. After removing surface debris, a coat of epoxy resin can be applied to the floors of your garage to make them more durable and resistant to future degradation.

Tire marks, lawnmower skids, and drips of transmission fluid and oil can really wreck the appearance of a garage, but with epoxy flooring Wayne PA your garage can have the new beginning it deserves.

Although many people think that applying epoxy is easy, it’s something that should be trusted to flooring experts. The process may seem simple, but hiring a professional can save you a lot of grief.

Things that can affect the outcome of an epoxy job are; mixing correctly, timely application, adhesion, proper smoothing, accurate amount of dampness or dryness, thinning, crumbling, water migration and more. Some garage projects are do-it-yourself worthy, but applying epoxy flooring yourself is something you should check out thoroughly before making the decision to do it. A qualified floor specialist can do the epoxy flooring Wayne PA job right the first time around.