Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage, Part I

Overhead View of Stacked Cans of Food
Installing a garage floor epoxy is a great first step to making sure your garage is a safe room, but there are some other things to consider when safeguarding your garage, including what should or should not be stored in it. Here are a few things that shouldn’t be kept in your garage:

Propane tanks: The valve on propane tanks very often doesn’t completely close, which can cause the gas to leak, and other times they may have some other type of leak. Either way, propane gas leaking into your garage can lead to an explosive and deadly situation. Store propane tanks outside in a secure space.

Fresh food: The garage may seem like an ideal place to store pet food or other food items, but insects and vermin will have the same thought! Seal food items and keep them in a pantry to keep unwanted guests away.

Canned food: Your canned food will have a much shorter shelf life in a room that gets hotter than 70 degrees (and will spoil at temperatures over 95 degrees), and if your garage reaches freezing temperatures, the food can be thawed, but the quality will likely be lessened.

In addition to installing a garage floor epoxy, these are just a few things that should not be stored in your garage in order to make the space safer. We’ll cover a few more items in part II of this blog!