Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage, Part II

Refrigerator with its Door Open and Illuminated Interior in a Dark Room
Having an epoxy concrete floor installed in your garage is a great way to ensure it is a safe space, but there are other steps to take to keep it free of hazards and make it an optimal room. Here are some more items that shouldn’t be stored in your garage, for both safety and practical reasons:

Clothing and bedding: In climates where temperatures change drastically from one season to another, heavier clothing and bedding isn’t needed all year long and is better off stored away during warmer months. While the garage may seem like a great place to store these things, you could end up providing a soft place to sleep to unwanted animal guests. Store these items in your home in sealed containers.

Electronics: Extreme heat or cold can damage electronics. If these items are in your garage because you plan to donate or sell them, get rid of them sooner rather than later before they are no good to anyone.

Refrigerator: As the heat in your garage rises, a refrigerator will have to work harder to keep the food inside cool. The harder your fridge has to work, the higher your power bill will go.

An epoxy concrete floor is a great flooring option for improving the safety of your garage. Check back for the final part of this blog to see a few more items that shouldn’t be stored in this room.