Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage, Part III

Old Paint Can with Dried Drips of Paint on its Exterior
Installing an epoxy floor coating in your garage is a great way to begin making sure it is a safe space. Additionally, you can make sure you aren’t storing the wrong items in your garage in order to keep both the room and your belongings safe and in good shape! Here are a few more things that shouldn’t be stored in your garage:

Wine: Unsteady temperatures can lead to your wine oxidizing. Wine is best stored in a temperature-stable space until you are ready to enjoy it.

Photographs: Moisture and extreme temperatures can damage photos, causing them to stick together, grow mold, or even fade or discolor.

Cardboard: Pests like roaches and spiders see cardboard boxes as a welcoming environment, putting anything you might be storing in them at risk. Store belongings in airtight, plastic containers instead.

Paint: Leftover paint from your last project can’t withstand the extreme temperature fluctuations that occur in a garage. The cans that the paint is stored in are also subject to rusting.

After having your new epoxy floor coating installed in your garage by Floorguard, continue to make the space safer and more efficient by ensuring that you are storing the correct items – in the correct way – in the room!