Main Types of Epoxy Concrete Resurfacing

Epoxy can be the best solution that you have been looking for since the garage floors became oily and dirty. Making the decision to use garage floor coverings is great but after making it, you will have to make another decision, which is the type of the epoxy coating you want to use. Garage floor epoxy can be categorized into three main types. These types are solvent based epoxies, water based epoxies and 100% solid epoxies. These epoxies are quite durable and tough, and they have 2 parts. These 2 parts are mixed before the application.

The 100% solid epoxy does not have any solvents; this is why it is the most durable and the toughest epoxy type. After this type of epoxy is applied, it will form a hard and a very thick surface that will live for long periods of time. Due to their high quality and their durability, they are also the most expensive type of epoxy. It is also the hardest one to be applied, this is why it is always better to hire a garage floor resurfacing specialized firm to get the job done.

The solved based epoxy is a decent choice, but of course, it is not as tough or as durable as the previous type. Nonetheless, solvent based epoxy is easier to install and cheaper than the solid epoxy. The downside that comes with the cheaper price includes a thin surface and a shorter life span. Lastly, the water based epoxy, which is a water soluble. It is quite similar to the previous types but it uses H2O as the main carrier. This type is very safe when compared to the previous types because it is much less reactive.  It is also quite easy to apply and clean.

There are modern types of epoxy that have been developed over the years. They are formed by different types epoxies grouped together according to their special features. Some epoxies have self dispersing and self leveling abilities. The self leveling ones are dedicated to those who want to apply the epoxy themselves. This is because the surface of this type will be smooth and leveled without any needed effort, which is perfect for non professional users.

There are also decorative epoxies that are used for decorative purposes. These kinds can be mixed with different colors in order to fit the interior design of the designated space. They can also incorporate logos or certain drawings, according to the interior design. There are many decorative types such as Epoxy Terrazzo and graveled epoxy. The problem with this kind is that it can be quite hard to install, but it is quite beautiful and it is also anti slip, which is perfect for places that has high foot traffic such as building entrances. As for the installation problem, it can be resolved by hiring the services of a concrete resurfacing company because they have they have the needed tools and experience in order to install it properly.