Maintaining Your Garage Floor

Properly caring for a garage floor can be quite the task. Between pressure washing to help reduce the appearance of stains to trying to patch holes or cracks, it can be very tedious and time-consuming. However, this can completely change with the application of an epoxy garage floor.

Epoxy flooring is relatively new to the flooring market. It is a substance that seeps into porous concrete and strengthens it from the inside, out. This is incredibly helpful in the long run because it makes your concrete stronger which makes the very foundation of your house stronger. It also adds a lot of value to your home. A broken, uneven garage floor can be a turnoff to potential buyers. In order to prevent your garage floor from deteriorating, you should call for a garage floor resurfacing with epoxy as soon as possible.

Maintaining a regular garage floor takes a lot of hard work. Pressure washing alone can be an entire day’s worth of work. If your concrete has begun to split and crack, then you’re in for a treat! Patching concrete can be very hard labor. It can also be incredibly expensive. Depending on the severity of the concrete, sometimes just patching it will not be enough. A lot of garage concrete is very far past repair.

Despite all of this, epoxy can still be a solution! Epoxy can fix just about any concrete situation. Epoxy is laid over the top of concrete and fills its pores. It then strengthens the concrete while inside the concrete and then leaves a layer of epoxy on top. This layer of epoxy is incredibly durable. This durability helps to protect the concrete against cracking, chipping, stains, and becoming uneven. Epoxy is also best done by professionals which mean a lot less work for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and then enjoy your brand new floors!

Epoxy also makes maintenance for your floors a lot easier. You most likely won’t even have to use a pressure washer. Epoxy is so easy to clean that you could often just sweep or mop it and be good to go. Epoxy also won’t need patching or filling for many, many years. Epoxy is incredibly long-lasting, so you most likely won’t have to touch it up for decades. It also resists stains. Concrete absorbs liquids due to its porous nature which makes it impossible to completely wash away stains. Epoxy is not that way. Liquids sit on the top of epoxy floors. Therefore, all you have to do is wipe up the liquid! It’s as easy as that! So, call in a professional today to lay epoxy in your home, and make your life easier!