Make Your Garage Floor Safer and More Sanitary

Your garage floor is the toughest to keep clean. This creates an inherent safety hazard, as all the substances used and splashed in this area create a sticky slippery grime. The best way to discourage that situation is to cover a floor with something that is easy to clean and not slippery.

Epoxy Flooring

One of the best options for the garage is epoxy floor coating. For epoxy flooring Wayne PA, simply choose a flooring service provider who can quickly and safely coat your floor.

Easy To Clean

This smooth and shiny finish not only looks attractive but is easy to maintain. Any type of substance will easily sweep or wipe away.

Resists Grime Build Up And Stains

This non fibrous finish does not absorb dirt, liquid, or gas by products. There is no surface for a stain to gain a starting point. All possible tarnishes to this finish can be easily removed before any permanent damage can occur.

Professional Installation Available For Safe and Rapid Application

There are experienced flooring techs available to ensure proper and safe application. These businesses can offer a guarantee on the life of the product. And they can advise you on the best cleaning methods.

Nothing To Tear or Absorb Stains

This coating contains nothing to tear or fray. There is no fibrous surface to wear thin and leave holes. There is no material that might curl up at the edges and create an unsafe surface. This finish is not susceptible to the same type of uneven wear conundrums which other materials are.

Long Lasting In Trying Environment

Epoxy finish will hold up longer than most materials as well as keep a clean surface. This will result in less grime tracked into your home as well. And so it is also an investment in the flooring in your living area.


Epoxy finish is especially appropriate for the garage because of its non flammable nature. With the garage being where the most flammable liquids and gases are generally stored and used, this finish adds value to the entire home. Not only will this floor protect the garage but the rest of the home by reducing risk in one of the most fire prone areas.

Resists the Most Common Garage Blemishes

Epoxy flooring is not just easy to clean but even eliminates most of the need to clean. This coating will not permit tire marks or shoe scuffs to form. This will also increase the aesthetic life of your floor. This floor has the potential to remain new looking indefinitely.

Will Not Crack Or Peel

Unlike other applied coatings, Epoxy will not wear off and leave chips or strips that expose raw floor underneath. So the maintenance is practically non existent. Once installed, there is really so little to do to keep your floor in prime condition.

Variety of Finishes

Epoxy coating is available as a single color or scattered paint chip finish. You can compliment any color scheme or style with this hassle free flooring.