Moisture Barrier: Protecting Your Concrete Floor

At Floorguard®, we understand the damage that excess moisture creates for concrete flooring. From ground moisture to rainwater, variable changes in the air’s humidity, faulty plumbing or poor drainage – whatever the source, excessive moisture can lead to flooring failure and other structural and environmental complications. It is in the homeowner’s best interests to ensure the protection of their concrete flooring. A preventative solution is the Floorguard® Concrete Coating which seamlessly seals to your concrete floor.

Avoid Concrete Floor Problems

The results of failed flooring due to moisture can lead to a number of nightmares: mold growth, mildew, subsurface salt deposition, or severe damage during the freeze-thaw cycle. Water present in concrete, whether it’s existing or from a new moisture source, will interact with not only the flooring materials but the building materials around it including studs, floor support beams, and sheetrock. Avoid the financial costs associated with moisture-related flooring failures and protect your concrete from moisture with Floorguard® moisture barrier for concrete floors.

We Understand the Value of Protection

You chose a concrete floor for its durability and strength. Preserve the internal moisture ratio of the concrete while preventing external sources of moisture from infiltrating the surface. There is no product on the market that can beat Floorguard® for quality and value. We have been producing floor coatings for over three decades, continually updating our products as new technology becomes available. Our flooring system provides a thick, seamless, iron-like bond that adheres to the surface of your concrete floor. Contact us today to find out more.