New Flooring Design Projects for 2022 

What better time than the new year to refresh your home with new floors? With Floorguard’s floor epoxy system, you can get floors that are beautiful, durable, and safe, getting your home ready for hosting dinner parties, play dates, and everything in between!

The Disadvantages of Having Carpet and Hardwood in Your Home

Traditionally, two of the main flooring options in homes were carpeting or hardwood floors. Carpet can often be bland and is easily stained, quickly looking old and worn out. Hardwood floors require a lot of maintenance and can be easily scratched, leaving you with floors that are unsightly from damage. These flooring types can also make a room look darker and less inviting, which does not make for a welcoming space to host guests.Corner of a Wood Bar with Brown and Silver Stools and Marbled Epoxy Floor White and Light Gray with a Wood Stool in the Back

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a new, modern alternative to traditional flooring options. It gives your home a unique look and provides many options for customizing colors and textures such as flake, metallic, granite, crushed granite, and chipped stone. Not only does epoxy flooring look beautiful, but maintenance is a breeze, the floors are naturally slip-resistant, and they are also durable against spills, dropped heavy objects, moving furniture, and more that would damage other flooring types.

These floors are so durable that they can last more than a lifetime, and they add a unique touch to the home’s design that can’t be achieved with carpeting or hardwood. Both of these features can increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it, making this flooring type a long-term investment.

Installation is Fast so You Can Enjoy Your Floors Sooner 

Looking to host guests for a beginning-of-the-year dinner party, to watch the big football game, or for a January or February birthday party? We can have your floors done in time! Floorguard’s highly trained professionals can examine the condition of your floor, prep it, and install your new flooring all in one day! This means that the installers will be in and out of your home in just one day, allowing you to enjoy your new floors almost right away.

Leave dingy carpets and easily damaged hardwood floors behind in 2021, and upgrade to a more modern and attractive flooring option with Floorguard’s floor epoxy system. Contact us today to learn about all the color and texture options we offer and to schedule your one-day installation!