Planning for Epoxy Floors

When constructing a new building in West Chester or expanding an existing one, it is imperative to have a very detailed production schedule. This way, you are on time for your grand opening, and you won’t end up cutting corners to speed up the project. Most of the time, this isn’t the case. Towards the end of a building process, the construction gets sped up and corners get cut in order to complete the project by the chosen date. A lot of this is because production managers simply don’t include enough time for the smaller parts of the project, such as having your epoxy flooring installed.

When your epoxy flooring West Chester technician arrives, he will need a clean floor to work no, free of work boots and construction debris. This means that killing two birds with one stone will be nearly impossible during the days in which your epoxy is being installed. It is better to play safe than be sorry in this case. This is because you could end up ruining the epoxy, or compromising the durability and life of your brand new flooring. Therefore, you should give your flooring technician ample time to survey the workspace, estimate, the time needed for the project, and complete the project.

On top of this, concrete needs time to cure. An epoxy flooring technician will not be able to apply your new epoxy flooring unless the concrete has cured. To ensure the concrete has completely cured, it is best to complete the project as much as possible, at least until the HVAC system can be turned on, run for a few days, and assist the concrete in releasing moisture until it is completely cured. You will also want to build time in your production schedule for proper moisture testing. Often times, a moisture tolerant primer will also be required. You will want to plan for this in advance, the last thing you want during your production process is any kind of surprise, so be prepared.

You want your project to be everything you imagined. So, avoid having to cut corners or speed up production by allowing ample time to complete every part of the process, especially your floors. Flooring is the foundation of the whole new facility, so don’t skimp on it! It will look awesome if you simply plan for every part of it, allow ample time for your flooring technician to complete it, and don’t try to kill two birds with one stone the days that your technician will be installing your floors. You want this project to be something you’re proud of, so don’t rush it!