Prevent Epoxy from Failing by Hiring a Professional

Anyone who has spent some time in the epoxy industry knows that moisture and epoxy do not mix. Epoxy will fail for a few reasons. Subjecting garage floor epoxy to the wrong kind of moisture will cause the epoxy to fail. Luckily, there are ways to decrease the risk of a floor failure, but it requires a small extra investment from the home owner, business owner, or whoever is paying for the epoxy installation.

Because concrete is porous, moisture naturally gathers within it. For this reason, consumers assume that moisture is not the direct cause of floor failure. Instead, it is a contributor to floor failure. So, industry professionals ask these two questions to ensure that the epoxy is applied correctly and will not fail due to moisture.

First, is the concrete’s moisture being pulled to the surface correctly? Industry professionals can answer this question with an easy and cheap calcium chloride test. However, almost 99 out of every 100 calcium chloride tests will exceed the 3lb limit permitted by coating producers.

The second question is; what contaminants will be brought up as moisture rises? The only way to answer this question is to send off a piece of the core concrete to a lab for testing. Unfortunately, this can be quite expensive to do, so many individuals decide against it. Most home owners or business owners justify this decision by insisting they don’t have a problem.

However, if the epoxy begins to fail after its application due to moisture, it becomes a more expensive project to fix; this is one of the many reasons that it is never a good idea to complete an epoxy project alone. Garage floor covering in Wayne, PA was never meant to be a DIY project, but the home improvement industry has made DIY versions of everything.

When it comes to epoxy, it is always a better idea to call professionals for the job. Industry experts know what to look for, what to test, and what to do about any problems that should arise. They will also save you a lot of time, money, and heartache by doing the job correctly, the first time.

Many DIY projects go seriously wrong, and one of the most common ones is epoxy; this is because epoxy requires a long, specific process of preparation, application, and finishing. If the person applying the epoxy completes one step incorrectly, it can lead to failing epoxy floors.

Hiring professionals to carry out the project will eliminate this possibility as they have seen everything during their years of experience. They know how to handle any and all situations whether it be related to an issue with moisture, or anything else.