Professional Epoxy Garage Floor Installation

Perhaps you have noticed the marked difference in appearance between untreated cement and the shiny covering on a durable, high quality epoxy garage floor? Asking a professional to apply a glossy or plain sealant to the floor of your garage holds many benefits. Two of the most important advantages include: enhanced protection for the floor and an attractive surface appearance.

Safeguarding a High Impact Area

Many people prefer the application of a durable epoxy stain in order to enhance the functional utility of the garage floor. This surface over the course of time in most households sustains especially heavy use.

Not only must garage floors frequently bear the weight of vehicles, heavy yard and lawn equipment, shop tools and other weighty items, but for practical reasons (such as fire prevention) this area of the home typically cannot obtain the surface protection afforded by carpeting. Yet just like the driveway, the garage floor must sustain the impact of repeated pounding from tires and foot traffic. Small wonder then that so many property owners prefer to have sealants applied to offer some additional protection to these hardworking structures.

An additional reason to seek the application of an epoxy sealant concerns the nature of the concrete or cement flooring itself. This superficially smooth surface typically appears rough and pockmarked on a microscopic level.

As car tires acquire pebbles and roadway contaminants within the interior treads of the tires, they eventually carry these materials into the garage. Small quantities of debris on tires can function in an abrasive way when these tiny particles fall onto the garage floor, only to be ground into the surface repeatedly as vehicles park. Even worse, the small quantity of moisture contained in raindrops and melting snow on car exteriors drips onto the garage floor. Epoxy sealants help prevent this material from damaging the underlying surface.

Adding Beauty to a Garage

Yet another important reason for asking a technician to apply an epoxy sealant concerns the general appearance of this garage upgrade. A correctly applied high quality epoxy offers a clear, durable finish that shines. Your floor enjoys a much brighter and scuff-resistant appearance!

The coating sinks into microscopic cracks and crevices within the floor’s surface, making it more difficult for dirt to embed in these locations. The results appear visible in terms of a glossier, attractive and more easily cleaned epoxy garage floor.