Protecting Your Garage Floors

An epoxy garage floor is the latest inception of coatings for those that look for methods to treat their garage floors. This can be done for residential and commercial applications, but garage floor coatings Wilmington DE before epoxy were typically only seen in commercial garages. Before epoxy, several types of garage floor coatings Wilmington DE thought to serve the intended purpose for covering these floor. However, painting has some significant drawbacks. Painting floors can change the appearance, but they offer minimal protection. Additionally, the covering that painting provides is nowhere near as durable as the modern iterations of epoxy flooring.

In commercial applications, paint was often used to cover the floors in order to make cleaning errant liquids easier. Even though modern garages have drainage systems, substances like oil and gas act like acid on paint. This makes the finish porous, and its cleaning effectiveness is diminished. These small breaches allow water, liquids and other condensation to begin to make the integrity of the paint floor begin to decay. Garage owners then have to repaint the floors often because the protection is no longer there, and the aesthetics begin to make the place of business look worn and dated. Paint also has a slip factor. This is true even with the slightest amounts of moisture. This proposes a significant health hazard.

Epoxy garage floor covering Wilmington DE eliminates most if not all of the problems of using paint as a garage floor covering. When epoxy was first introduced, its drawback was that it was extremely difficult to apply. This caused the costs to be exclusive to many commercial applications, but especially in home applications. Epoxy was nearly non-existent in residential garage floors. The garage floor covering Wilmington DE epoxy industry responded to this problem by making products that can be applied significantly easier. Although homeowners may lack the skill that is required to install an epoxy floor correctly, the ease of applications means that companies offer installations at very economical rates.

Epoxy flooring Wilmington DE allows the decor of garages and showroom floors to be drastically upgraded. Some companies that install epoxy flooring Wilmington DE can even imbed college logos and other customizable items into transparent epoxy floors. This is just one example of the methods by which epoxy floors can be made aesthetically pleasing. They also have additives that makes them slip resistant. However, epoxy floors have a real purpose. They resist chipping and cracking greatly, and they are completely impervious to all liquids. This means that liquids cannot breach the coating and begin the decay process. Epoxy cleans thoroughly, and this means they always remain presentable to commercial customers and residential guests.