Reasons Why Epoxy is A Premier Flooring Option

Epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA has become a popular flooring option for commercial and residential buildings and industries. The coating is a combination of polyamine hardener and an epoxide resin. Prior to applying the coating on the concrete, it is recommended for you to remove all greases and repair cracks and chips. You can use in walkways, floors, and ceiling.

What are some ideal settings for epoxy flooring?

• Garage and auto mechanic shops
• Kitchen and laundry areas
• Hotels and grocery stores
• Warehouses and manufacturing buildings
• Hospitals
• Watercraft storage

Strong and Durable

The epoxy flooring offers a hard surface that is able to withstand a much more impact weight. Being a solid polymer prevents chemical breakdown. One will not need to worry about floor chipping, damage, and abrasion. This enables the floor to rarely get worn-out and thus ends up lasting long. It is perfect for covering imperfections and flaws in the concrete. Epoxy facilitates faster material movement which increases productivity.

Aesthetic Value and Brightness

The coatings are available in different colors and decorative patterns. You can choose to use one or several colors to get an attractive surface. Many companies have used it to enhance the company’s brand. It is used to direct traffic or communicate safety information. Epoxy flooring gives you a high gloss shiny surface that increases brightness by more than 150%. It improves the lighting of a building due to reflection. The aesthetic feature can increase the morale of your workers and attract more customers.

Safety and chemical resistance

Epoxy is able to withstand more heat and cold than other floors. You can choose to install a surface that is slip, heat and fire resistant. This makes it ideal for industries that deal with hot machinery and fluids. The flooring can resist corrosive chemicals. The coating maintains its appearance even when in a harsh chemical environment.

Low maintenance and quick Installation

Whether you are using epoxy on an old or new concrete, the installation is easy. It will save you time and money as installation will cause minimal disruption. Being a smooth surface makes cleaning easy, as you can use a pressure washer or a mop. Another advantage of epoxy is the fact that it is non-porous, meaning it is fluid and stain resistant. The easy to clean and resilience to abrasion and chipping saves you money that could have been used to purchase more chemicals for cleaning and repairs.


You require few materials to install and maintain epoxy flooring. It does not erode into the air or water as it is non-toxic.

With the above and other benefits of epoxy flooring, you can never go wrong if you chose it for your new building or if you need to redesign the old one.