Reducing Summertime Allergies with Garage Floor Coatings?

As Summertime approaches quickly, allergies become a bigger problem for many people. With higher pollen counts and increased humidity, allergies begin to skyrocket, and so does the growth of mold spores in our home. Garages are one of the biggest culprits of housing dust particles, growing mold, and contributing to your heightened allergies. Luckily, there is a creative solution that requires very little effort from you!

Surprisingly, cleaning and resurfacing your garage floors could tremendously help calm your sneezing and sniffling this allergy season. Due to concrete’s porous nature, it is prone to growing mold spores. When you see that green tinge on the floors of your garage, especially the portions that receive little to no sunlight, it is most likely mold growing within your floors. In addition to this, the tiny nooks and crannies that lie within concrete house dust particles that are not easily moved. Only a very powerful, professionally done, pressure washing can rid your floors of these particles. Using a wash with a bleach or mildew preventing mixture will help to release and kill off any mildew growing in your garage.

It is also helpful to resurface your garage for a long term fix! If you are especially prone to allergies, this will benefit you more than you know. If allergies aren’t much of an issue to you, resurfacing your garage floors is still a great investment to improve the value and appeal of your home. Epoxy is applied to concrete in multiple different layers. Each layer is applied for a different reason. These layers adhere to your concrete sealing and coating it for good. Epoxy isn’t permeable like concrete so it won’t house mold growth all year. It also doesn’t have the tiny nooks and crannies that concrete does. This prevents dust particles from settling down which makes cleaning it and maintain it an absolute breeze. With a quick scrub, mop, or pressure wash, your epoxy floor will be good as new!

Everyone is all too familiar with the itchy, runny nose, coughing, watery, itchy eyes, and congested breathing that the allergy season brings each year. You can make your allergy season a little more bearable by cleaning and resurfacing garage floors of your West Chester home. Epoxy provides a healthier, easier to clean, longer lasting, more durable floor for your garage. Protect your health and your concrete by calling an epoxy flooring professional today to beat those allergies for good!