Refinish Your Garage Floor This Winter

It is common to see floors made of slabs having cracks and holes a while after installation. Fixing the cracks and holes in slabs is made possible through floor resurfacing. Garage floor resurfacing can be easily done within a day as long as your garage has been cleared beforehand. The main requirement for resurfacing is a concrete resurfacer, which is a coating made of cement. The resurfacer creates a smooth and brand new surface on top of the old concrete.

The best time to do garage resurfacing is during the winter period. This is because the warm temperature quickens the hardening process of the resurfacer. This way, the garage will be fit for use in a short period. Aside from the resurfacer; some special tools are used in the spreading of the resurfacer. It is important to enlist the services of a professional so that the garage floor coverings can have a smooth finish. Such professionals aids in performing the tasks for purposes of safety and convenience. You run the risk of ending up with having ridges and rough spots on the floor, if you do it by yourself.

Epoxy is the most commonly used substance in garage floor coverings. It is created by mixing part of polyamine hardener and part of epoxide resin. The hardener in this case is the catalyst while epoxy is the strength agent in the mixture. Epoxy has curing properties and bonds well as long as the surface is well prepared. The coating is thicker compared to the veneer that one would have been achieved in case of painting. Garage floor epoxy is achieved through acid etching, floor grinding or shot blasting the surface in order to create a flat profile. If holes are present on the surface, they are filled up and patched up before the epoxy mixture is applied.

Epoxy flooring is the best finishing for garage floors because of its numerous benefits. The material is durable and protects your garage floor from stains, chipping, abrasions and any damage from fallen objects. Because the coating is thicker, it can easily cover up flaws and any imperfections on the concrete.

With epoxy flooring in your garage, you do not have to worry about dusty garage floors because the material serves as a sealer. The floor does not shed or emit any dust. This ensures that your car, floors and other items remain dust free. The coating makes it resistant to moisture. This situation is suitable for people living in moist or snowy climates. Those who live in places that experience snowy climate can easily clean up the snow that gathers on the floor around winter. With soap and water, your floor is as good as new. Debris and other form of trash can be cleaned using a broom or a mop.

Depending on the finishing that one chooses, the garage floor can have the beautiful look desired. The garage is also made safer especially when a slip resistant agent is mixed on the top coat. The aggregate creates a non-skid surface, which is safer, especially for those living in wet climatic areas.