Repair and Resurfacing Garage Floors Have it Done Professionally

Has your garage floor started to look its age – worn, cracked or stained? If your garage floor has become unappealing to look at and is need of repair and restoring, you can fix your garage floor and its imperfections to give it a, like new, appearance that you are proud to drive your car onto every day.

Having your garage floor repaired or resurfaced will not only help bring back a youthful look to your garage floor but will make it visually appealing. It can also add protection against certain surface stains and general wear-and-tear. There are several options to choose from when deciding on how to repair or resurface your garage floor. Each has its advantages, and choosing the best one for your floor may depend on the condition and type of your existing flooring.

Types of Garage Floor Repairs and Resurfacers:

Simple Repairs:

Maybe your garage floor is in pretty good condition, aside a few minor cracks or blemishes. If you want to spruce up the flooring or repair cracks before they worsen, try using a polymer base concrete repair product. This can usually be done if the repairs are small repairs. Polymer concrete repair products may not be the answer if you have substantial damage to the flooring.

Concrete resurfacer:

If your existing flooring is concrete, an added layer of regular concrete will not bond to the old. Instead, it will start to crumble and break away due to the fact that there are no bonding agents in regular concrete. On the other hand, to resurface with a concrete resurfacer, there are distinct bonding agents that help the new concrete bond and adhere to the old.

Concrete resurfacer is convenient in the fact that it doesn’t require you to break-up your existing slab, which can be difficult and costly. Another convenience is that it’s self-leveling. This means you won’t have to spend much time trying to level the concrete. Once you’ve laid the new surface, simply spread it out evenly, making sure to get all areas of the floor.

Concrete resurfacer only comes in one color – gray. However, you can add a concrete colorant to the mix to give it a unique look. Keep in mind, if you want the entire floor to look the consistent, you’ll want to resurface the entire floor and not just a part. Otherwise, you will have a mix-match of old and new looking concrete which is not visually appealing.

Epoxy flooring:

Many people enjoy the easy care of an epoxy covered garage floor. Some of the best attributes of epoxy are that it is strong, resilient and it lasts a long time. Epoxy helps to repel oil spills, stains and won’t easily chip or crack.

Giving your epoxy floor a unique look is easy. If you don’t want a plain gray epoxy, try adding specialized chips to your epoxy for some individuality or flare. You can customize the look of your epoxy flooring to give it the look of granite, terrazzo or another unique look.