Ring in a New Year With a New Garage Floor

The New Year has been historically known for people renovating their lifestyles, but what about your garage floor? More and more home and business owners are starting to trade in traditional polyurethanes for high-quality epoxy flooring. Epoxy paints and finishes are beginning to gain preference over acrylic and polyurethane finishes due to their heightened resistance and longevity.

The main focal point to consider when looking for a new garage floor, is of course the functionality surrounding each option. Although polyurethane coatings can present themselves in a striking manner, they are not always the most sensible choice when it comes to garage floor options. Garages are known for their high levels of moisture, and epoxy products are rich in moisture-resistant properties in order to prevent future damage.

Even if your concrete floor has cracked while setting, epoxy coatings come equipped with the ability to camouflage any imperfections. The lifespan of the garage floor epoxy options also plays a huge role in the finish’s functionality. Even in conditions where a floor unit may endure maximum wear and tear, epoxy flooring still stays in superb condition for upwards of 20 years. Traditional coating options tend to only hold up well when cleaned with auto-scrubbers each day, but epoxy floors maintain their quality overtime, even with minimal maintenance.Durability and functionality aren’t the only reasons why garage floor epoxy finishes outweigh it’s competitors.

Many feel as though epoxy is also the best option when considering cosmetic factors. Not only do epoxy products come in a more wide-range of colors as opposed to other polishes, but they also come with anti-scratch components to protect your floor from any future blemishes. Epoxy finishes are also the leader in ensuring that stains don’t permanently set into your floor’s finish. Epoxy paints and coatings are known for being highly stain-resistant, which is perfect for those who tend to work on mechanical projects in their garage space. With it’s scratch-protecting and waterproof technology, your garage floors will look stunning years after the initial renovation.