Epoxy Floor Coating – Chicago Homeowners’ Solution to Flood Damaged Floors

Epoxy Floor Coating – Chicago Homeowners’ Solution to Flood Damaged Floors
If you’re looking for a flooring material that’s exceptional in terms of durability, low maintenance, and resistance against a wide range of elements and conditions such as corrosion, abrasion, moisture and chemical reactions, it’s more than likely that you’ve read or heard about epoxy floor coating. Chicago has a number of commercial and industrial establishments that use this type of floor covering and there are several logical reasons why.

Factory plants, supermarkets and warehouses have floors that go through a lot of hard-wheel traffic. Machine shops, repair bays, hangars and parking garages not only have a lot of wheel traffic but also get a good dose of drippings on the floor in the form of motor oils, gasoline, antifreeze, etc. Car showrooms may not have the same frequency by which car tires roam around the floor area; but epoxy flooring is still the best choice, because it’s highly resistant to tire marks and at the same time adds an air of flair and luster to the showroom.

Replacing Flood-Damaged Floors

Yet times have changed; and so have the climate and the weather conditions. The temperature can either be too chilly or too humid or produce a lot of moisture build-up within the confines of your home. Even worse, are the flooding incidents that could suddenly rush in and instantly inundate your home. Sooner or later, you’ll be faced with flooring problems because flood water had already seeped-in into the joints, and perhaps even under the substrates or the layer to which your present floor covering is attached.

Now if this is exactly the reason why you’re looking for the best repair solutions for your floor, it’s time to consider epoxy floor coating. Many Chicago homes have already done so, not for its heavy-duty significance but mainly for its durability and protective quality. As an added bonus, epoxy flooring now comes in granite-like finishes and homey earth colors that blend perfectly well with any color scheme.

However, since a lot of homeowners are now planning to replace their damaged floors with epoxy floor coating, Chicago flooring companies give advice about choosing your vendor and your installer wisely. A flooring material that possesses mostly favorable qualities can be expected to be expensive and quite complicated to install. There are three types of epoxies out in the market; the 100% solids, the solvent based and the water based. Of this three, 100% solids is the type of epoxy that has been proven for its durability and multi-faceted-resistance; it’s also well-liked for its sleek elegance. The other two types are rarely recommended by reputable flooring companies because the cement-like mixture tends to spread thinly and cannot be guaranteed to last long.

Even the process by which epoxy floor coating is installed by Chicago floor experts is seamless. The underlying concrete floor must go through a preparation process before the epoxy flooring is poured in two parts or layers. The first layer serves as the foundation that bonds the concrete and the top multi-resistive epoxy floor coating. Chicago installers know exactly when to apply the second layer, as this portion will add the style and protection to the entire epoxy floor covering.