Sealing Durability Into Your Garage Floor

For Whom are Epoxy Coatings Perfect For?

Epoxy flooring is perfect for creating the stunning garage floors which you are envious of. Garage floors get dirty and messy for a number of reasons. Aside from looking beautiful, a new epoxy floor can help protect a garage floor from oil stains. It does not matter how dirty the garage floor is in it’s present state as the floor will be thoroughly cleaned before the coating is applied. Once the floor has been cleaned and stripped, the process of applying the coating will begin. No matter how much oil is present, the floor coating process will take care of any unsightly stains. A garage floor covering Westchester PA will allow your garage floor to be more durable and last longer. Most often, garage floor coatings can simply be rolled onto the garage floor much like paint is applied to a wall.


Perfect For Protecting Against Oil Spills and Drips
When you have an epoxy flooring Westchester PA done to your home’s garage surface, you are not painting it. You are giving the concrete a solid exoskeleton which will enable it to stand up to damage and abuse which comes from oil spills and drips. Epoxy is nothing more than a hard plastic coating which seals and protects. Instead of worrying about concrete stains, you can simply wipe them up and forget about them. Epoxy coatings also cover up those ugly cracks that you keep noticing in your home’s garage floor.


Multiple Coats For Maximum Protection
Most often, multiple coats of latex are applied to a concrete garage floor to provide many layers of protection. At the bottom of any epoxy floor is a base coat and a primer, which provides the ideal surface for the top coats to adhere onto. On top of the primer is of course the layers of epoxy coating which is visible to the outside. Additionally, latex flakes are applied to the epoxy coating to provide a decorative appearance. After the multiple coats are applied, the epoxy floor is left to sit and cure. Once cured and dried, the epoxy floor is able to withstand all of the pressures which are applied to it.


Creates the Highly Desired Showroom Finish
Epoxy Coatings are used by homes and businesses to create the showroom look that they desire. The showroom appearance for a car dealership is what will impress car buyers the most. For professional car showrooms, the appearance of a garage floor matters as this is one of the most important details which people notice. These look great in both showrooms and individual homes to protect floors against damage and stains. Some home sellers could add an epoxy coating as a way to boost the resale value of their homes. Garage floor coatings Westchester PA are often what homebuyers are looking for when they would like to buy a new home. No matter what the reason is for a showroom floor, an epoxy coat will do plenty of good for all homeowners.