Spring Cleaning with Epoxy Flooring

If you are like most people you want your entire home to look its best. That obviously includes your garage, so having an epoxy garage floor may come to mind. A protected floor can prevent a lifetime of abrasions and scratches, so it is well worth the effort.

Most people may start to spend time in their garages during the spring. You wake up early one morning and enjoy the day cleaning! Your garage floor will be the first thing that you may notice, after hauling everything out. That’s when you’ll decide, that you need to do your floors! When choosing an epoxy protective coat, you want to choose one that is right for you. Typical garages have a quite a bit of traffic, with tools being dropped etc. So opting for a coating that is impact resistance, chip and peel proof may be a good choice. There are a variety of epoxy coatings. Some types contain special ingredients that protect against gasoline and fluid spills. Other types concentrate on having a very high gloss, which is great if your main concern is brightening the area. Regardless of your goals, keep in mind that epoxy products vary and have different benefits. When shopping, look for an epoxy kit that is self-leveling, this makes them easier to apply. A water resistant epoxy will be a good advantage, if there are a lot of spills or dampness. Hot air proof epoxy will save you many more years before having to redo your floors, if the garage temperature is high. Epoxy kits are extremely popular, and makes the work of purchasing everything a lot easier. Most likely a kit will have everything included. You will find a primer, topcoat, neutralizing powder you name it. Before ordering the product on line or walking out of the store, confirm that the kit does have everything. Don’t be afraid of paying a little bit more for an exceptional kit, it can be worth your money.

Before starting your work, make sure that the floor has been washed. The floors has to be clean. Check to see that the floor doesn’t have a high moisture issue. Also check to see that the floor does not have poor quality concrete which should could present a problem. If there are any pores in the floor, you may have to acid wash the floor. If you have oil stains in the floor take the time to wash the stains out thoroughly. To remove the stains, you cannot use just soap and water, you will need to use muriatic acid and a type of detergent.

Epoxy flooring can be a dream come true, if performed correctly. Take your time and do it right. And remember, hiring a professional is always an option.