Start 2020 with a Clutter-Free Garage, Part II

Blue Fixed Gear Bicycle Sitting Outside of White Garage Doors
In part I of this blog we talked about beginning your garage decluttering project by sorting your items into sections of things you will keep, donate, sell, and throw away, and then giving the garage a thorough cleaning. Next we will go through the steps to put the items you will keep in their new locations either prior to or after installing your epoxy guard floor covering.

Frequently used items: Items that are used the most often should be the most accessible. Hang leashes and shopping bags on hooks, designate an easy-to-get-to corner for yard and cleaning tools to stand up in, and so on.

Items used together: Designate spaces for things like car cleaning products and tools, craft projects, and yard care equipment to be grouped together so that they can all be grabbed at once when they are needed.

Big items: Designate one or two corners for big items like lawn mowers, but be sure to leave a path so that they can be removed easily when you need to use them.

Rarely used items: Place rarely used items like holiday decorations and snow gear in the harder-to-reach spots. If there is attic access in your garage, this is an ideal spot for holiday decorations that only get used once a year.

Hang what you can: Hanging the items that can be hung up helps to save other spaces for other uses. Bicycles and tools like shovels, rakes, and more can be hung on the wall where they are easy to spot and also out of the way.

Start 2020 off with a decluttered garage! Whether you already applied an epoxy guard floor covering to your garage, or have plans to in the future, this is a great complementary step to ensuring your garage is the best space it can be.