Start Spring Cleaning In Your Garage This Winter

Spring cleaning can be a hassle to some but for some people it can be easy and fun. The garage is one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep clean especially with cement floors. The winter weather makes this task a little bit more difficult because for one, the garage gets cold, and no person likes to work in the cold. Thankfully there are some options. Professional help can be expensive and annoying. For one, you have to set up an appointment which can be a hassle, and secondly you have to deal with strange people in your home.

While spring cleaning you may also what to brighten up the look of your garage as well. Garage floor resurfacing is popular and creates a nice look for your work space. Epoxy garage floor coating is the best bet. Epoxy garage floor coating is not paint. Epoxy is thermosetting resin that is applied to floor as a coating. It is created when one part of epoxide is mixed with one part polyamine hardener. As the mixture cures it hardens and creates a beautiful coating on the floor.

The benefits of epoxy garage floor coating are amazing. For instance, if you have small imperfections in the concrete such as spider cracks and other flaws, the coating will cover that up. Epoxy is also anti-dusting because it is a topical sealer. So tedious dusting is not needed. Therefore you will have less dust and dirt tracked into your home due to heavy in and out traffic.

The coating is also extremely durable and resilient to impact, so no worries if you just so happen to drop a hammer or some other heavy tool. For those who live in snowy climates, the epoxy floor coating is moisture resistant. This makes it easier to clean up icy brines and road salts that can collect in the garage during the harsh winter times.

Garage floor resurfacing with epoxy helps with cleaning simply because it is oil, gasoline, and brake fluid resistant along with other caustic fluids that may come from a car. It is extremely easy to clean. Mild soap and warm water is all you will need, and a dust mop or broom for debris. In some instances the epoxy can be slippery when wet depending on the topcoat you choose. People in dry climate rarely have this problem. Non-slip options are available as well which gives you another advantage in cleaning. Warranties of up to fifteen years are normal for epoxy coating because of the extreme durability of it.

Professional garage floor resurfacing is the best way to go about epoxy floor coating because of the chemicals can be dangerous and like stated before, it comes with a fifteen year warranty in most cases. Happy spring cleaning in the winter!