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When your home or business needs durable and attractive floors, look no further than Floorguard. Our epoxy coatings company in Aurora, IL, has been installing high-quality epoxy flooring systems in residential and commercial spaces for over 30 years.

Epoxy Installations for Homes and Businesses

A Cafeteria Floor with a Gray and White Crushed Granite Finish Epoxy FloorWhether you are a homeowner wanting a more durable floor in your garage, basement, or kitchen, or a business owner needing a durable, slip-resistant, and easy-to-clean floor, an epoxy installation is a great option. While epoxy floors are designed to be strong, lasting floors for industrial, automotive, and other industries, they can also be a valuable investment for homes.

In businesses, epoxy floor coatings provide safety and ease of maintenance. In homes, an epoxy floor can be installed in virtually any color, pattern, or texture, making it easy to match or enhance your home’s design.

Why Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floors have been shown to last in spaces with a lot of traffic or heavy-duty activities. An epoxy floor that commercial flooring contractors have professionally installed for more than twenty years. Whether the floor is installed in a home’s garage or an industrial kitchen, it will withstand foot traffic, vehicles, heavy dropped objects, spills, and much more. These floors are also slip-resistant, reducing the risk of accidents in your home and business. Because the epoxy is applied in one seamless coat, there is nowhere for dust, dirt, or other debris to collect, making it easier to keep the room clean and sanitary.

Choose a Trusted Epoxy Coatings Contractor

While installing floor coating may seem like a project you can do yourself, it is best to call on the experts at Floorguard. When you enlist our services to install your epoxy floors, we will ensure that your floors are properly prepped before application, that the coating is perfectly applied during installation, and that the floors have completely cured before they are used. An improperly installed epoxy floor coating can be damaged and cause accidents if it becomes chipped or slippery. It can cost you more money when it needs to be replaced after a short period due to a faulty application.

Contact Floorguard for your next epoxy floor installation project, and let us show you how our skilled and experienced professionals can make a difference for your floors!


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