Staying Safe from COVID-19 During Your Home Improvement Projects, Part I

Man Holding His Phone at Arm’s Length While on a Video Call
As many of us continue to stay home and take measures to practice social distancing because of COVID-19, home improvement projects are still happening. Whether we’re using the time in quarantine to beautify or homes, or getting our properties ready to sell or rent out to tenants, it’s possible to get these projects done in a manner that is safe for us and the contractors providing services. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself and others safe during home improvement projects such as installing epoxy flooring or painting your home:

Conduct the consultation online: Use video conferencing software to conduct your initial meeting and discuss the details of your project. Anything that can be done virtually, should, so that you’re maintaining social distancing whenever possible.

Ask questions: Ask your contractor what steps they are taking to ensure the safety of both you and your family and themselves. If they don’t have an adequate plan in place or don’t seem to be prioritizing safety, choose a different contractor.

Be prepared to talk about your safety measures: A responsible contractor is going to want to make sure their team is safe as well, so be prepared to share what measures you are taking in your home to provide a safe workspace for them.

These are just a few steps for ensuring your epoxy flooring installation or other home improvement project can be safely completed by contractors. Check back for more tips in part II of this blog.