Staying Safe from COVID-19 During Your Home Improvement Projects, Part II

A Contractor in a Heavy-Duty Mask and Protective Gown Looks Down at His Project
In part I of this blog, we discussed steps you can take to keep yourself, your family, and contractors safe when you undergo a home improvement project such as installing concrete floor covering products. The first blog discussed tips for before the contractors visit your home, here are a few for when they arrive:

Leave if possible: If at all possible, leave your home while contractors are present so that you can maintain the maximum amount of social distancing. If it isn’t possible to leave, stay in an area of your home that the contractors won’t need to access, and make sure any immunocompromised members of your family are not present.

Designate one point of entry: To minimize the amount of “touch points” from the contractors, designate one point of entry for them to come and go, and establish which areas of the home they will be in contact with. After they leave, be sure to give this area extra attention in your cleaning efforts.

Be patient: The pandemic is new territory for everyone, and most people are making their best efforts to be safe and considerate. Be patient with your contractors as they figure out how to navigate the new normal, and make an effort to be as transparent as possible and keep the lines of communication open.

These are just a few tips for keeping yourself and your contractors safe while undergoing a project such as installing concrete floor covering products. Be sure to speak to your contactor for their specific protocols, and refer to official information sources such as OSHA and the CDC to learn more.