Sun Damage to Concrete Floors – What You Should Know

Sunlight damages concreteIndoor Commercial Garage with Lots of Sunlight and Epoxy Floors. This reduces the lifespan of your concrete floor and leads to costly repairs or potentially a complete replacement. Protect your concrete from the beginning by reducing sun exposure and protecting your floors with Floorguard epoxy floor coating.

What You Should Know About Sun Damage to Concrete

Extended contact with UV light over a period of time causes concrete to weaken and deteriorate. The polymers and bond chains that form the concrete structure are broken down by UV radiation. The color will fade but worse, the result is weak and cracking concrete with fine dust particles.

Protection from the Beginning

After fresh concrete has been poured make sure it is protected from direct sunlight. During the curing process, cover your concrete and keep it wet for 30 days. This is imperative. After curing is complete, seal your concrete. We recommend Floorguard epoxy floor coating for its tough finish and resistance to UV damage.

Protection at Any Time

Concrete floors that are not brand new can still benefit from UV protection. Take the time to treat your floors with a sealant to protect them from fading and damage from sunlight.

Floorguard offers water-resistant flooring options that provide protection from UV rays so that your floors last. Visit Floorguard.com to get started on upgrading your concrete floors.