The Basics of Epoxy and Its Benefits for the Garage

Unless there is currently something wrong with your flooring then you probably aren’t paying a lot of attention to this portion of your home. A good quality, durable flooring option can really complete the look and function of a room or building. Whether you are looking to replace the garage floor coating or you have a warehouse that needs to be refinished, epoxy flooring is very beneficial.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a material that seals a concrete floor. This material can be used for commercial buildings but also in basements, garages and walkways. When it comes to a commercial building, epoxy can be used on ceilings, in warehouses, in pharmaceutical builds and labs. The cleanup on this material is very simple and it is extremely durable.

Durability of Epoxy

Concrete flooring is quite durable but it can show a lot of wear over time. It can also chip and crack which can lead to the entire floor wearing down faster than you would like. When you have an epoxy coating placed over the concrete flooring then you ensure that your floors are going to last longer. They will also be resistant to premature wear and tear. Once the epoxy coating has been applies and it has been converted to a solid polymer it is very strong and will not break down.

Installation Process

If you already have a concrete flooring in your home or office then you can immediately have an epoxy floor installed. The installation process is very simple and usually will only take one day. It also cures very quickly so you won’t have to halt business if you are using this flooring option in a commercial setting.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Once your newly installed epoxy flooring has cured completely then it will no longer be porous. This will result in a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain. If you pick a color and style that hides dirt and grime easily then your maintenance moving forward will be very minimal. The end result is a very safe floor that is resistant to slips, extreme temperature and impact. You can clean your epoxy flooring as you normally would clean concrete but with a much easier process. If chemicals come into contact with the epoxy floor this isn’t an issue at all. This type of flooring is very resistant to chemical spills. This makes it perfect for factories, service centers and warehouses.

If you are thinking about having flooring replaces in your home or commercial building then you might want to do some research on epoxy flooring options. This is a wise investment that will last you for many years to come. You have different color and style options to choose from and overall this is a very practical flooring option to consider. Epoxy makes the surface of your floor much safer and you’ll love the low maintenance upkeep.