The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating Naperville

Protecting and maintaining your flooring will guarantee you its longevity and epoxy floor coating is one of the best ways to do so. There are many commercial and residential establishments that use epoxy flooring since it lasts for a long period of time despite being exposed to grease, oil, acids, corrosive body fluids, and sugar. It maintains its good appearance for quite a long time, all of this because it is almost impenetrable.

There are many types of epoxy flooring coating out there on the market but the best one remains the 100% solids, which is used in most commercial settings. The thickness of the epoxy coating layer may vary between ¼ inch to a full inch. The mixture of the epoxy is waterproof as it has the ability to adhere to any surface it is poured on. The epoxy coating materials will bond with gas lines, plumbing lines, conduits and drains all the same. This is mainly because the moisture will not be able to seep through the finishing layer, plus, there are not any cracks in the floor by any connecting walls because they are usually sealed after the epoxy flooring material dries.

The first coating layer can be poured first thing in the morning and another coat (the finishing coat) can be added during the afternoon. Since the installation process does not include any harmful fumes or solvents, it can be done with children in the house and people will not have to leave the area providing that they do not step on the coating material while it is still wet. You should apply the coating layer when the temperate is between fifty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the safety of epoxy flooring, it can be installed anywhere in the house including bathrooms and children’s rooms

Another main advantage of these epoxy flooring materials is that they are antimicrobial which means that they will not transmit germs when they are cleaned properly. They are also very easy to clean because the dirt doesn’t get stuck in any cracks since there are none. It is recommended to use mild cleaning solutions that do not contain any powerful alkalis or acids. Also, if it is in a location that it would be dangerous for it to be glossy or smooth, you should add grit to the original mixture in order to reduce the chances of slipping. This is recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. The percentage of the grit varies according to how important it is to have a non-slippery floor. Last advantage for using this kind of flooring is that they are very strong and they can withstand a great range of temperature. This includes the high heat that can be found in restaurant kitchens as well as freezing temperatures in large refrigerator rooms.

Of course, it is much easier to get professionals to do all of that for you, they will take care of the entire process from A to Z. If you live in Naperville, you will find plenty of epoxy flooring Naperville installation firms who can get the job done for you.