The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy flooring is a flooring surface that is made of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied to the floor to a depth of at least two millimeters. However, many don’t know what the word epoxy means. Epoxy refers to a system that is made of two components—resins and hardeners. In this case, the resin and hardener are mixed together where they react chemically to create a rigid plastic material that resists degradation, so that it bonds well to its substrate. Epoxy floors are strong and can be used in industrial environments.

There are several types of epoxy floors to choose from such as self-dispersing epoxy floors, self-dispersing epoxy floors with quartz sand, self-leveling epoxy floors, mortar epoxy floors, graveled epoxy floors and epoxy flaked floors. It is important to note that epoxy coating can be used on floors for walkways, commercial buildings, garage floors and walls or ceilings.

Keep in mind; there are several effective benefits of epoxy floors such as durability. Concrete floors that are coated in epoxy last longer and are resistant to wear. Epoxy floors are also strong and can be easily installed. In addition, epoxy floors are low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. An epoxy coating, it is much easier to clean once the floor has been sealed. In addition, coatings are often available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Some may not know it but epoxy floors can survive exposure to potent chemicals. This makes these floors a perfect choice for warehouses that are exposed to potent chemicals. Another great feature is safety. Epoxy floors are resistant to temperature, slippage and fire; all of which keeps you and your employees safe. And, these floors often have a high gloss option for coatings. This improves the lighting in your building. Epoxy floors also lowers maintenance on your vehicles. Most importantly, epoxy floors helps the environment. Another benefit is that it can be non-slip. This gives your employees and customers a safe place to work. Epoxy garage floor coating makes any garage floor safe and secure.

Low maintenance is a benefit that many appreciate with epoxy floors. It can be easily brushed clean of surface dust and dirt. Because these special floors are tightly sealed, pests find it impossible to find their food. Tips to maintain an epoxy floor are: clean up spills with a paper towel or soft cloth, use a soft bristle broom for routine cleaning and for heavy cleaning, sweep away loose debris and then mop the floor with a hard foam mop with hot water and clear ammonia. Find out how epoxy garage floor coating can make your garage floor safer and more secure.

To conclude, epoxy flooring is a flooring surface that is made of multiple layers of epoxy that is applied to the floor to a depth of at least two millimeters. With the many benefits epoxy flooring offers, it just makes sense to find out more about this kind of flooring.