The Benefits of using Epoxy Floors and How to Apply it?

If you are looking forward to applying new garage floor coverings, and if you started asking around, many of your friends and family will tell you that epoxy is the best. There are other options of course such as the regular concrete paints that can be used on the concrete floors. These concrete paints are not as expensive as epoxy floor coating, but they do have many downsides.

For example, they do not bond as good as epoxy on the concrete floors. You also have to put in mind that the garage floors usually take a pounding because of the cars backing in and out of the garage and it is also the place where we always store our heavy machinery that we drag all over the place. This is why the garage floors have to be strong so they can take all of that abuse and regular concrete paints will not do that job, you will need a stronger and a more resilient material, this is why many people suggested epoxy floor coatings.

Here are some of the great benefits of using an epoxy garage floor:

Epoxy flooring can come with a decorative finish which will certainly improve the appearance of the area you are using it in and it will also increase the value of your shop or your home.

Epoxy floors will also extend the life of the concrete floors by protecting it from the regular wear and tear, especially in the garages. They are also quite resistant against different chemicals, and oils, so you don’t have to worry about these things penetrating the concrete floors.

It is quite easy to maintain and clean, plus the fact that it is resistant against bacteria. It is also highly resistant against water, so it can be cleaned without fear of ruining the floor. So if you have any stains on the garage floor, you can clean them with water and chemical cleaning solutions.

The epoxy floors are also resistant against mold and they reduce the radon gas emissions.

These are only some of the benefits that epoxy can bring. So if you are planning to use it and take advantage of all of the benefits, you have to make sure that it is applied correctly. This is because if it is not well applied, it will not function as good as it should be. Therefore, despite the fact that there are many epoxy floor kits out there and DIY guides, it is better to get a professional service provider to install it for you. This is because epoxy has to be applied in layers and with certain techniques. So if you do not want to waste the money you have spent on the epoxy, you better get it installed by professionals. It will be even safer if you let the service provider buy it for you because there are many different types on the market with varying features and different solid percentages.