The Different Types of Epoxy Used in Flooring

Epoxy flooring in Wayne, PA is steadily becoming homeowners’ number one choice for sealing and protecting their concrete floors. It is affordable, sturdy, and reliable for years and years to come. You can customize it with different formulas based off of the needs of your home as well as choose what colors or designs you want your floors to be. On top of all this, you can actually choose between three different types of epoxy as well. Many homeowners are not aware of this, but you may find that one of these options is better suited for your home.

The three different types of epoxy include the following: 100% solid epoxy, dissolvable epoxy, as well as waterborne epoxy. While all of these can provide a beautiful new flooring option for your home, they are all used for different specific needs and purposes. Let’s break down each type of epoxy and what they are used for. This will help you to decide if one of these options may be best suited for your flooring needs.

First up is the option of simple 100% solid epoxy. If protecting the environment is your main concern, this is the option for you. It is the safest epoxy option and the eco-friendliest. 100% solid epoxy is quite tricky to use and hard to apply. It is more dense than the other options which is why it requires a much more strenuous application process. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you hire a professional for this job. This will protect you from harming your floors and costing you possibly thousands of dollars in repairs later on. 100% solid epoxy is the strongest and most durable of your epoxy options, making it the most popular choice amongst homeowners.

Next up, we have dissolvable epoxy. This type of epoxy is often used to repair only certain parts of a concrete surface. It is made up of a few different concentrated mixes which allow the epoxy to seep in and connect to your concrete. It will strengthen the concrete and prevent further cracking and shifting if that is your main issue. One must be very, very careful using dissolvable epoxy because it is actually flammable while still in a liquid state. For this epoxy, it is also recommended to hire a professional because they will ensure a safe work environment for themselves, you, and your home.

Lastly, we have water-based epoxy which can cover concrete as well as metal surfaces. While it can be less eco-friendly, it is the most customizable option, making it another strong choice for most homeowners. So, using this knowledge you can move forward in choosing which epoxy option may be best for your home as well as your needs.