The Different Uses of Epoxy Floor Coating Palatine

Epoxy flooring Palatine is the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking for a flooring material that is highly durable, does not require regular maintenance and highly resistant against a wide range of conditions and elements like moisture, chemical reactions, corrosion and abrasion.  This solution is not only for homeowners who are looking forward to remodel their garage flooring as it has other uses that vouch for its durability and resistance. This includes factory plants, warehouses and supermarkets. This shows the durability of epoxy flooring as the floors of these facilities go through hard wheel traffic. It also includes plane hangars, parking garages and repair bays of machine shops. These facilities do not only have hard wheel traffic but the floors will suffer from a high dose of drippings that include antifreeze, gasoline and motor oils.

Replacing Flood-Damaged Floors

The floors of your garage can suffer from damage due to sudden change of weather and climate conditions as the weather can be too humid or chilly which can cause a lot of moisture build up within the confines of your home.  The floors can also be damaged greatly as a result of a flood because when the flood comes, the water will seep into the joints of the floor and it can even reach the substrates or the layer where the flooring covering is attached.

If you are going to install an epoxy flooring system in order to repair and replace the floors that were damaged as a result of the flood or for any other reason, there are many things that you should think about. One of these things is the type of the epoxy coating as there are three main types. Each type has its own uses, advantages and disadvantages. There are 100% solid epoxy materials which are the most durable and have the highest resistance but they can’t withstand heat. There are also solvent based epoxy materials and water based epoxy materials.

The Preparation

Homeowners can either do the installation themselves, which is not recommended or they can get in touch with professional companies that will install it for them. Although it is not recommended, some homeowners  prefer to do it themselves. They will find plenty of DIY (Do It Yourself) guides on the internet that will take them step by step until they are done. One of the most important steps that can ruin the whole process is the preparation process. This preparation process is implemented on the underlying concrete layer right before the epoxy material is poured in two layers.

The 1st layer is considered the foundation that bonds the top multi-resistive epoxy coating and the concrete underneath it. The second layer is what the homeowners will see, it is the final layer that will add style to the floor covering. This preparation process and the art of applying the second layer are very important, this is why once again, it is recommended to get professional installers to do it instead of doing it yourself.