The Man Cave

The concept of the ‘man cave’ has seen a popular resurgence in recent culture, featured in many movies and TV shows, but what is a man cave, and how can you make one for yourself?

First of all, its not literally a cave, but rather a room in the house, be it the garage, basement, attic or other place, that serves as a recreation room for the man of the house, where he can indulge hobbies and be alone with his toys.

Wikipedia even has a full article on the phenomena, calling it “a reaction to feminine domestic power” and “the last bastion of American masculinity”

Without getting that political, the man cave is a place where guys can follow their own hobbies and projects without disrupting or being disrupted by the people they live with. For some, it is carving out a small space like the one they used to have when they lived alone, free from the cares and constraints of sharing their lives with their family.

Any artist will tell you that its hard to create without a proper studio. You need more than the right tools, you need the right atmosphere to create. That goes just as much to fixing an engine as it does for painting a picture.

A great first step in making a man cave in your garage is make sure the surface can withstand whatever you get up to. Talking to someone about an epoxy garage floor will help you get off on the right foot.

The next step is to decide what the focus of your man cave is going to be. A TV? A pool table? A classic car? Once you have a clear concept of what you are going to highlight in your chosen space, the rest should follow pretty naturally. You can accessorize around the central them, accounting for the kind of tools you’ll need and the amount of company you except.

Also spare a thought for how long you’ll be spending in the space, and in what weather. Do you need a mini fridge for some light refreshment? How about a fully stocked bar? Will you need air conditioning, heating? A rain machine? Garage floor covering?

The choice is yours. Don’t be too precious with the design process. Part of the fun of a man cave is that its a place that you can spend time in alone, without having to cater to the fickle whims of fashion, taste and other people. As long as your comfortable there, that’s all that matters.

Don’t be too quick to rush through construction. Making the man cave is half the fun.