The Most Important Facts about Epoxy Flooring that you need to know

Epoxy is one of the most favored flooring types in the building industry. This includes residential houses, industrial plants, hangars and car show rooms to mention a few. So if you are thinking of implementing it, you better get to know these facts about it as it will help you understand it more.

1- Epoxy floor coverings can be implemented on many flooring surfaces

Different types of flooring applications need special coating systems that are dictated mainly by the type of material that is used as the substrate. This is not the case with epoxy because it is one of the very few systems that can be used on concrete and steel and nearly all kinds of surfaces. This is why regardless of the type of substrate you have, epoxy flooring will be applicable.

2- The secret ingredient in Epoxy is the epoxy resins

If you have ever wondered how high performing epoxy coatings are so powerful and resistant, the answer is epoxy resins. They are the core material that forms the high quality formulations such as top coats, epoxy sealants and epoxy based primers. The epoxy resins make it possible  for the epoxy coating to perform pretty well as protective layers, waterproofing layers, fire retardants  and floor coatings.

3- Epoxies can be combined with different materials to enhance its performance

Epoxies can be easily mixed with other materials in order to form high quality coatings. For example, there are aliphatic epoxy systems, epoxy-sulfide systems and Epoxy-amine systems. The epoxy systems also work quite well with acrylics and alkyds.

4- Epoxy Floors can withstand the abuse

For that exact reason, epoxy floors are used in industrial plants and factories as they are the best heavy duty floors available on the market. This is why they are always applied in areas that are exposed to damage inducing agents such as airplane hangars, heavy machinery garages and warehouse floors.

5- The molecules of the epoxy resin are cross-linked, this is why they are almost impermeable

Due to the unique chemistry that is between the molecules of the epoxy resin, the epoxy chemical compounds are cross liked which makes them highly resistant to many things including chemicals, air intrusion and water as well as corrosive materials in some cases.

6- Epoxy floors have amazing adhesive characteristics

The epoxy flooring has great adhesive capabilities which is estimated at 1.5 thousand pounds of adhesive power for every square inch of flooring. This means that it will stay stuck to the floors for longer periods of time, even when exposed to intense loads.

7- Epoxy materials are great fire retardants.

Some epoxy coatings contain certain pigments that will expand quickly whenever they are exposed to heat. This expansion will quickly form a barrier of protection that will last until the fire is put out naturally or until the fire fighting team arrives to do it.

All of this shows you why using epoxy as garage floor coverings or at industrial is certainly the best move, they have everything that one would look for in a heavy duty floor.