The Problems You May Encounter with a Bare Concrete Floor – Pt. 1

Blue and Gray Concrete with Cracks in It | Floorguard.com
If you’ve got a bare concrete floor in your garage, you’re just asking for problems. While concrete is known as a durable material, it doesn’t make for the best flooring when left uncovered. Here are four problems you may encounter:

Moisture – Concrete is a porous material, which means that moisture can easily get into it. Rebar corrosion and damage from freezing and thawing are both things that can destroy your concrete floors when moisture seeps in.

Damage – Because your floor is unprotected, it is very susceptible to damage from your car, lawn equipment, impacts, road salt, and more. If you’re not careful, you could wind up with a chipped, cracked floor.

Hygiene – As we mentioned earlier, concrete is porous. Not only is water going to get into your non-treated floor, but so are other contaminates, which can create a buildup of bacteria. Without a good garage floor coating, you won’t be able to keep your floor clean and sanitary, which can be a big problem if you do more in your garage than just store the family car. 

Unattractive – Let’s face it: untreated concrete is ugly. With the right garage floor coating in Chicago from Floorguard, you can add beauty and functionality to your garage floor. Which would you prefer: a dirty, grey floor, or a clean floor with a pleasing color and pattern?

These are just four of the problems you can face if you leave your concrete garage floor untreated. Stay tuned for our next post, where we will cover more potential issues.