The Problems You May Encounter with a Bare Concrete Floor – Pt. 2

Gray Concrete that is Chipped and Cracked | Floorguard.com
In our last post, we talked about how an untreated garage floor is not only unattractive but also unhygienic and susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, these are not the only problems that occur with untreated concrete.

Safety Issues – Whether you work in your garage, or just use it to store your car, safety is highly important. The problem with concrete is that it is not slip-resistant. When wet, it can become a fall hazard. A slip-resistant coating is a must.

Allergies – With all of the foot and tire traffic going in and out of your garage, you’re going to create a lot of dust, which can cause allergies to flare up. It can also make it hard to keep your garage clean. In addition, the concrete dust can also get into equipment stored in your garage and damage it.

Lighting – We saved the most surprising one for last. Plain concrete is not reflective, making the room dim and drab, unless you use a ton of lighting. An epoxy resin floor reflects the light, which means you can achieve a brighter space without wasting as much electricity.

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