The Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring can be used for a variety of purposes to resurface kitchen, floors, bathroom floors, patios and terraces, and basements floors. However, it is most popularly used for workshops and as a garage floor covering, because it is highly withstanding of dirt, grease, grime, scratches and other types of wear and tear that can happen in an industrial environment.

If you are considering the many different types of garage floor covering options that are available, you may want to consider the pros and cons of garage floor epoxy before you make that important final decision.

In order to provide you with the best-unbiased information on epoxy for garage floor resurfacing, we have organized an extensive list of pros and cons for you to peruse.

Epoxy Flooring for Garages: Pros

There are numerous reasons why people prefer epoxy as the go-to of all garage floor coatings. You should take into account the following list of pros when considering epoxy as a floor coating for your garage.

Resistant to Water and Fire :

Epoxy is ideal for garage floor resurfacing in shops and garages, because it is resistant to water and fire. This comes in very handy for homeowners that worry about flood damage or fire damage that can occur by accident or from natural disasters.

Resistant to Shock:

When you are working with power tools and utilizing your garage space as a work space, you need to have the safest measures in place. An epoxy floor is essentially shock-resistant so you cannot get shocked when dangerous things may go awry.

Relatively Inexpensive

Another great advantage of epoxy floor resurfacing is that it is cheap and inexpensive in comparison to other types of floors that you can use in your garage. You can save expense while opting for a solution that has an unprecedented durability.

Epoxy Floors for Garages: Cons

Epoxy flooring has very little adversities that can be noted. However, there is one thing that we should mention to you that is very important for you to known and understand:

Difficult to DIY (Do it Yourself)

When it comes to installing garage floor epoxy it is time-consuming and tedious. Although you may want to spare cost to do it yourself, it is recommended that you leave it to the professionals and experts for this garage floor resurfacing project.

Garage Floor Epoxy Pros and Cons: Bottom Line

Out of a large selection of garage floor coatings you can choose from, epoxy has a myriad of advantages and cons. It is ideal for the environment that a garage possesses, because it is shock, fire, and water resistant. It is also inexpensive and very durable. The only thing that we suggest you do when opting for epoxy floors for your garage is to have someone install it for you to acquire the best results possible.